Vacuum Pumps

Piab is evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting, and moving solutions. We believe in an automated world where no resources are wasted, and no humans are injured.

Founded in 1985 in Munich, Germany, FIPA is the leading innovator in Vacuum Technology and End-of-Arm Tooling solutions. We specialize in developing quality products and dynamic solutions for all aspects of your material flow systems.

NOVACOM has been manufacturing vacuum components for over 30 years. Located in the north of France, they design and develop a full range of suction cups, ejectors, blowing-systems, vortex tubes, vacuum accessories, grippers, and a lot more which allows them to meet the needs of many industries like food, automobile, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, packaging.

DVP Vacuum Technology produces vacuum pumps and compressors that can be used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. The products are customised to meet specific requests thanks to research done by DVP LAB, DVP’s innovative and technological laboratory that works constantly to ensure top performance.

Vacuum Cups

Vi-Cas manufactures grabbers, rollers, quill parts, gripper rubbers and tightening disks, and roller reconditioning services. Vi-Cas can custom produce vacuum cups, adapters and rollers to your specifications. Unique shapes and sizes are not a problem. Low volume (prototypes) or high volume.

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