OMAL was established in 1981 by a family of entrepreneurs specialised in the processing and production of ball valves. 


Threaded valve ends, as per EN 10226-1 Rp (ex ISO 7/1) for Ares valves; ISO 228/1 for Zeus valves. Other types available on request.
Assembling is possible in all positions: upright, flat or angled.
Range available from 3/8” to 2” in the Double Acting versions, Spring Return N.C. from above and below the plug, Spring Return N.O. from below the plug.

According to 2014/68/EU “PED”.
2014/34/EU ATEX configuration to request at time of order.


The valve features an internal diameter that matches the diameter of the pipe, ensuring high flow capacity. Additionally, it incorporates a pneumatic actuator within the valve, resulting in significant space savings (up to 60%) and reduced costs when compared to an automated valve setup. The piston is equipped with chemical nickel plating (20-25 microns), leading to lower wear of the seals due to increased surface hardness (400-550 HV). The utilization of lip seals further minimizes wear compared to traditional o-ring seals, and the availability of various seal materials enhances compatibility with different types of fluids, depending on the specific seals employed. This combination of features contributes to an efficient and cost-effective valve solution for diverse applications.