NOVACOM has been manufacturing vacuum components for over 30 years. Located in the north of France, they design and develop a full range of suction cups, ejectors, blowing-systems, vortex tubes, vacuum accessories, grippers, and a lot more which allows them to meet the needs of many industries like food, automobile, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, packaging.


NOVACOM develops and produces a widespread offer of suction cups: flat and bellows suctions cups, oval and rectangular… More than 5000 references are available in a lot of different materials (natural rubber, nitrile, silicon food safe, vinyl …). The selection of the right suction cup depends on the industrial application. We complete our offer with further components, necessary for a good-working vacuum system.



NOVACOM proposes a large product range of ejectors, adapted to a lot of industrial applications and production processes, answering to all industrial requirements. These vacuum generators are also called venture nozzles or vacuum pumps. We distinguish the following models: single stage, multi stage, anti-obstruction, pneumatic conveyance. The selection of the right ejector is carried out in function of the required flow rate, respectively the desired suction capacity. The uses of our ejectors can be very different: mounting in a switchboard or a working machine, direct fixing to the suction cup for a local and precise vacuum, compact integration in the robotic, deployment in dusty working environment, high cycle times, and great volumes of drawn air…


Vortex tubes of NOVACOM allow the transformation of compressed air into two different airflows: heated air and cooled air. Cold stream guns and Vortex tubes of NOVACOM are advantageous in various ways: maintenance-free, explosion proof, electro less, without moving parts. They permit a clean work and are very well adapted to a use in factory or laboratory. Rack air-coolers of NOVACOM keep cool the inner life of switchboxes and control enclosures by supplying them with cool air and evacuating hot air. The also protect them from dust and humidity. In this way, they prevent break-downs, damages and machine failures, which could be caused by overheating or by several damaged parts.



Spring plungers of NOVACOM allow the careful handling of fragile workpieces with height compensation thanks to a damping spring system. They cope with continued workloads.
Anti-Rotation Device
Radial Connection

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