NOVACOM is based in the heart of Europe, in the north of France. The company has been designing, manufacturing, and developing vacuum components for more than 30 years.

As a genuine vacuum specialist and leader on the market, NOVACOM has never ceased to innovate and evolve. The company now has the most extensive line of vacuum components in Europe, meeting the needs of all applications in industrial environments: standard and special suction cups, single-stage, multi-stage, anti-clogging, and pneumatic transport ejectors (or vacuum pumps), air amplifiers, air nozzles, air curtains, vacuum filters, clamping grippers, air nippers, gripping heads, membranes, and other vacuum accessories.

Compressed air blowing is a technique widely used in industry for cleaning, drying, cooling, ejecting and demolding applications. 

The NOVACOM blowing range is divided into three main families: air amplifiers , blowing nozzles and air curtains . These products reduce compressed air consumption and thus obtain a rapid return on investment.

Function principle: a very small amount of compressed air escapes under high speed through a 0.5 mm narrow air gap over the entire width of the air curtain. The escaping air generates a so-called “Air Knife”, which due to the created vacuum on its sides, entrain large quantities of ambiant air. This amplifies the outgoing air many times over the supplied compressor air: 25 times air amplification for the air knives single flow and circular, and 50 times air amplification for the air knives double flow.

Function principle: the supplied compressed air leaves around a ring gap on the outside of the nozzle (round-jet nozzle), or by several openings from the nozzle interior (wedges). The escaping air almost reaches the speed of sound. At the inner pages of the fine air tube arises a strong vacuum which entrains a large amount of ambient air. The resulting vacuum inside of the nozzle aspirates the air jet to the nozzle wall and creates a long, bundled air jet.


Our blowing components run with compressed air and are used in many industrial applications for the following tasks: cleaning, drying, cooling, ejecting and demolding. NOVACOM offers air amplifiers, air nozzles (round stream nozzles and flat stream nozzles) and also air curtains (single flow air curtains, double flow air curtains, circular air curtains).

Our blowing components reduce clearly the consumption of compressed air, with the same full capacity. As a result, investments rapidly pay off.

Vortex tubes allow the transformation of compressed air into two different airflows: heated air and cooled air. Cold stream guns and Vortex tubes are advantageous in various ways: maintenance-free, explosion proof, electro less, without moving parts. They permit a clean work and are very well adapted to a use in factory or laboratory. Rack air-coolers keep cool the inner life of switch boxes and control enclosures by supplying them with cool air and evacuating hot air. They also protect them from dust and humidity. In this way, they prevent break-downs, damages and machine failures, which could be caused by overheating or by several damaged parts. 

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